An application for your finances that based on your usual income and expenditure levels will provide you with a referential projection of your level of future balances. 



It is an application that incorporates business intelligence into your personal finances, to establish the projection of your balances in a referential manner.The application feeds on the registry of the different income and expenses operations that you make on your personal accounts.  With the use of statistical tools, it establishes, by way of reference, its balances and future movements.  The application learns from you with the data you enter to give more accurate projections to reality.


What do you register for this?

Record income and expenses by categories. You can create, delete or change the categories.

Record transfers between accounts.  For example when you pay an account associated with a credit card from a savings account.  All under the same methodology.

The way of entering the data does not change, what changes are the possibilities of analysis to see the results.

The analysis is presented with previously established formats, by totals, graphs, comparative statistics between weeks, months, years and by categories.  You have the option for specific analyzes to present the information to your liking.

This application is distinguished by how the information works by using analytical tools and by the amount of statistical information it presents to make the best decisions.

You handle your information and improvements in accuracy.  They increase with the passage of time and with the incorporation of data.