P936, is based on the idea of the famous puzzle game of 15, but this time with more grid options, so it could be called 8, 15, 24 or 35.
 It is a puzzle where you can choose between 4 levels of difficulty.  Additional and to make it more exciting you can also solve it by choosing to work with the guide image or not, with the last box in blank or any other in blank (choosed randomly) to add more difficulty. Also, there are options to play with divisions between the boxes or without them.
With P936, you have the option to work with 5 images that are provided in-game or add one that you have stored in your gallery.  You can delete those you don’t want to have, but with the condition of having always at least 5 images to choose from in the game. 
 Playing is simple, just touch the image you want to be exchanged with the empty image box and you will have made a move.
The algorithm of random distribution of images before starting a game is designed so that all the games have a solution and there are no frustrations due to the lack of solution in some.  You just have to worry about solving it.
From the third movement you can close the game and resume it when you want to.
P936, it's simple, funny and challenging.  So, let’s exercise our minds!
 It features:
- Grids: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6
-The distribution of boxes to start a game is always done randomly.
- If an image distribution has cost you more to solve than other ones, and you want to overcome it, anchor the image in the gallery of posts and touch the image with the anchor so next time you’ll play with the exact the same distribution.
-You must always maintain at least 5 images in the gallery.
-To add even more difficulty, set your game before starting it by clicking on the following options:
oIf you want to play with a guide image or without it
oIf you want to play with the indication of number of plays, correct pieces and total pieces
o If you want to play with the divisions between the images or without it
-You can choose between English and Spanish just by clicking the gear