UtilMatS is a statistical calculator that includes graphics and the ease of use of the calculators available in the market. Ideal for professionals and students. Performs standard, scientific and descriptive statistics calculations.
 includes a view of the calculations performed and at the same time it works as an endless memory in which you can select both numbers entered, and the results obtained. In addition, it presents the ability to perform interpolation calculations; rules of three
 simple direct or inverse; and in statistics of mode, median, arithmetic average, mean deviation, variance, standard deviation and coefficient of variation. The formulas used remain displayed on the screen for reference.
·      Basic calculation buttons
·      Scientific calculation buttons
·      Buttons for statistical calculations of discrete and grouped
·      Mode, Median, Arithmetic mean, Mean deviation, Variance, Standard deviation and Coefficient of variation buttons.
·      Graphics button applicable to Mode,
 Median, arithmetic average, Mean deviation and Standard deviation, making it easy to visual analysis.
·      Button for entering data by keyboard or importing data in CSV format
 For statistical calculations in calculations grouped by intervals allows the modification of the number of intervals, the lower and upper limit, as well as the amplitude of the interval, with alerts in the case of using these functions through the calculations
·      A convenient Menu button, which allows you to scroll through the options of: Normal Calculator, Calculator with the visualization of calculations made and which is also used as memory of damages and
 results, Rule of three simple, Rule of three inverse interpolation, statistics for income and work with discrete data, and statistics for income and work with grouped data. These last two options present the possibility of visualization of graphs.
 Frequency table button.
·      Set the thousands separator with a single button
·      Set the decimals quantities to be displayed on the calculator
 Normal percentages functions as well as adding and deducting percentages
·      Button to erase only one digit: slide the result screen or use the back button
·      Standard
 calculator type screen
·      Calculation screen to visualize operations carried out and formulas used in cases of interpolation and simple three rule.
·      Keyboard sound
 activation available. 
·      Storage of up to 100 variables in a database

  • Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication
  • Percentages:
  •                Number  x  Number of the percentage % = results
 Number  +  Number of the percentage % = number increased in the percentage
               Number  -  Number of the percentage % = number deducted in the percentage
  • Nth exponent and nth root
  • Power of e, power of ten
  • Neperian and decimal logarithm
  • Inverse and factorial function
  • Rule of three – Direct
  • Rule of trhee – Inverse
  • Interpolation


  • Mode (discrete and grouped data and by intervals, graphics).It allows to show results and visualize the graphics for the type of Mode (Multiple mode if there are)
  • Median (discrete and grouped data and by intervals, graphics).
  • Arithmetic mean (discrete and grouped data and by intervals, graphics).
  • Deviation from media (discrete and grouped data and by intervals, graphics).
  • Variance (Discrete and grouped data and Intervals).
  • Standard deviation (discrete and grouped data and by intervals, graphics).
  • Coefficient of variation (discrete and grouped data and by intervals).


The formulas and indications allow to remember or reinforce a learning for help in the analysis and interpretation
 of the data.
  • Simple three rule
  • Three inverse rule
  • Interpolation
  • Mode
  • Median
  • Arithmetic mean
  • Deviation from media
  • Variance
  • ·      Standard deviation
  • Coefficient of variation